Why Paractice Yoga?

Today most western people practicing yoga are engaged in the physical aspect only, the asanas. This is better than nothing but yoga has so SO much more to offer! Self-awareness through meditation and pranayama, selfless service, surrendering the ego and the scriptures and philosophy and all. There is such greatness to be achieved by liberating not only the body but also the mind. Why not walk all the way on the "treacherous path" and cultivate ones knowledge?

It is simple and comforting to follow the yoga-path in this modern world. It helps one to find freedom from all the buzzing and the common expectations of what life should be and what one should do and achieve in order to be successful and happy. Yoga tends to change ones perspective of life altogether. It reduces stress and gives peace of mind.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though. Yoga is strict discipline and hard work. It takes you far outside of your comfort zone and forces you to grow. And you will love every second of the discomfort. As only then will you be able to truly see the progress and know what you are capable of.

Yoga teaches you to take full responsibility of your actions and choices and to remove the restrains you have put on yourself and your capabilities. You realize how false your limits actually are.

Yoga shows you how wonderful YOU are and you will truly LOVE yourself.

Physically yoga gives strength, flexibility and health. I do not have headaches or back pains, ever. I do not experience stress or anxiety about stupid and mediocre things anymore. My weight keeps dropping slowly but surely. And I do not even mind the slow speed!

Now this kind of patience is simply another advantage gained by practicing yoga. Imagine how this patience helps in relations with other people.

Yoga makes you LISTEN, first to your body, then your mind and spirit and the universe. You’ll KNOW what foods are healthy for you and you’ll KNOW what you need to do and how to live.

And there’s no hurry or stress. Everything is right here. You do not need to think excessively or to make big plans. Just keep to your yoga-practice and wait.

Things will start to appear: heath, happiness, joy, amazing teachers, wisdom… the universe just keeps on giving.

All you need to do is let yoga happen! Namaste!

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