A spell created for your individual use inorder to solve a specific problem or to make your wish come true..


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  • Making spells/mantras is an ancient way of concentrating energy. With this centralized amount of energy, one is able to make changes in the materialistic world. Sometimes things change at once. Sometimes the spell must be repeated more often to maintain a certain level of energy.
    It is very important that the spell is accurate so that it produces the desired result, so indeed, be careful what you wish for.
    The amount of energy stored in the spell is also important. This energy is a source of power for both the caster and the object. The spell must therefore be empowered in both directions. A bad or evil spell is recognized by the fact that it takes more power than it gives and you end up stuck in a beating your head against the wall-situation. Often people have created self destructive mantras which they repeat in their heads daily (i'm good fot nohing, I'm fat, I'm ugly...). It is very important to replace these with something more positive!

    My spells are very energy-rich. When you order a spell, think carefully about what you want your endresult to be, explain your needs as accurately and simply as possible. I may ask additional questions if anything is left unclear.

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